Pre Construction

Pre-construction services

From initial development and conceptual design, through design development and plan check, we can easily meet business objectives of the project and avoid the risk of unforeseen surprises, budget challenges and schedule extensions. Our pre-construction experts practice a continuous process that focuses on cost control for realistic budgeting and accurate documentation that helps in increasing your project savings.

By combining the professional skills with collaborative approach, our experts provide comprehensive pre-construction services for your project. We assist you at each and every step to provide accurate data assessments and recommendations required for taking timely and informed business decisions. We provide our services on different projects having various sizes and complexities including:-

• Recommendations and assessments for making timely, well-informed and data-driven business decisions.
• Help in managing overall process by tracking all the details and fixing the accountability of the team members
• Relevant suggestions to the owners, designers and construction teams

We go beyond the traditional cost estimating and value engineering process for creating reliable schedule and estimates. Our experts use most relevant tools, processes and technologies to drive down project costs while keeping the technical design and project goals.

At Sunset Built, we offer customized design solutions that meet the client’s lifestyles and budgets. The well-executed pre-construction projects offer various benefits such as innovation, realistic budgets, greater predictability and reliable project schedules. During pre-construction phase, we use value engineering analysis and provide valuable alternatives to the customers to bring best value for their investment.