Project Management and Consulting

Project Management Services to Boost Your Construction Process

The primary objective of our team at Sunset Built is to achieve all the goals and objectives within the project constraints including the scope, time and budget. Starting from the project inception to handing over the keys, Sunset Built offers a fully integrated suite of project management and advisory services for our clients. We believe in working collaboratively and strategically with the clients to ensure every project we undertake delivers the optimum outcome.

Our experienced advisors and consultants are hands on in all phases of the project. We work together with you to ensure the highest quality outcome, timely delivery in a cost efficient manner.

Quality Assurance

As a reliable and efficient organization, we maintain comprehensive and operational project delivery systems which guarantee quality and risk mitigation. With us, you can be assured that the projects and investments are in safe hands. Our team of professionals treat each project as our own and developing a clear, integrated structure of deliverables and systems that track the project to ensure the end result is delivered to an exceptional standard.